Informational site about the upcoming  Kingsland Operating Referendum Levy to be voted upon Nov 5, 2019.

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 What is an Operating Referendum? 

What is an Operating Referendum Levy?


An operating referendum is not a building bond referendum. An Operating Levy allows the school district to raise additional dollars in order to effectively maintain operations. This includes new and current programs (Construction, Agriculture, Action 100 reading, etc.). This also includes instructional supplies to maintain new and current programs.


Levies are for Learning, Bonds are for Buildings. On November 5, 2019 you will be voting on an Operating Referendum Levy not a Bond.


Why do districts ask for additional funds?

State funding for education provides for basic educational need. What state funding doesn’t do is provide funds for increased inflation and additional programs offered to our students.


What can an Operating Referendum be used for?

· Instructional supplies (textbooks, paper, etc.)

· Curricular enhancements/new programming Construction, Ag, Action 100 reading, etc.

· Reduce class sizes

· Basic building maintenance/operational costs


What will a “Yes” mean for your students?

The increase funding authorization will provide needed additional revenue to continue to allow the District to maintain operations.

The goal for this additional funding will be to maintain our current curriculum offerings while strengthening our elementary reading program, Action 100. Provide updated equipment and materials for the industrial and agricultural programs. Maintain our current college in the schools courses.

What will a “No” mean for your students?

If the Levy fails, Kingsland will exhaust the current fund balance provided by the prior Levy in school year 2020-21. This will place the district in Statutory Operating Debt (SOD) meaning local control will be surrendered to the state to develop a plan to get the district out of debt.


This may lead to the following:

· Larger class sizes, possibly mixed grade classes

· Reduction in available state mandated courses

    o Art, Music , Physical Education

· Reduction in student support services

    o Counselor/Social Worker

· Reduction in elective courses

    o Foreign Language, Agriculture, Industrial Tech

· Reduction in extracurricular/athletic activities

    o Sports, FFA, School Clubs

How does funding for Kingsland compare to neighboring Districts.