Informational site about the upcoming  Kingsland Operating Referendum Levy to be voted upon Nov 5, 2019.

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Farm Tax Effects

Farmers are taxed only on their home, garage and 1-acre of land.  Other agricultural land and seasonal properties are not taxed. Based on information available to the District the average acre of agricultural land in Fillmore County is $4500 with a predicted value on $4800 in Mower County.  

Tax Example in Fillmore County:

 Calculation of Farm Tax Impact 

Estimated Market Value*$ 649,900  **This is Value of Farm**

Referendum Market Value $ 113,900 *This item may be zero. Referendum will have no impact on this parcel if this is the case. **This is RMV of Home Garage and 1 Acre


              Question 1 Operating Levy Referendum 

 Existing                       Existing Plus                  New Difference 

 Annual $ -19.32           $ 150.58                             $ 131.26 

 Monthly $ -1.61             $ 12.55                               $ 10.94

These are estimated tax impacts. Minor fluctuations may occur.